About Us

Mind Your Body NY, LLC., is a Long Island-based holistic practice headed by Sakina Hajee, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Holistic Allergist.

After having established a thriving practice in Ontario, Sakina and Mind Your Body NY made their way to NY. The Practice and Sakina employ a well-rounded holistic approach to wellness.

About Sakina

Sakina initiated her journey into health and wellness as a Stott Certified Pilates instructor 9 years ago. She continues to teach Matwork, Barre, and Reformer.

Sakina subsequently pursued a degree in “Holistic Nutrition” at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. As a holistic nutritionist, Sakina is able to recommend and personalize dietary plans, offer cleanses, make-over your pantry and take you on a personalized grocery tour. Sakina also hosts informative health talks for corporate settings, studios or in-home.

The focus of Sakina’s practice is centered around BioEnergetics (“BIE”). BIE is a simple, natural and NON-INVASIVE modality which directs energy onto specific points on the body. BIE enables one’s body to maintain balance (Homeostasis) without the use of needles and drugs. By creating a balance, the body is alleviated of suffering by causative factors.

Sakina is also trained in traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Iridology.

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