DIY: Make Your Own Ghee!

Ghee is a great lactose and casein free substitute for butter or oil.
It’s benefits include…

* High-smoke point of up to 500 degrees (Butter – 350 degrees)
* Stimulates secretion of stomach acid
* Dairy-free (removes lactose and casein)
* Rich in fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K)
* Restores gut lining, reduces inflammation, anti-viral properties
* Contains no hydrogenated oils, preservatives or additives

Making Your Own Ghee…

1 Pound of butter – unsalted, preferably organic
1 Medium pot
1 Strainer or/and cheese cloth
1 Mason jar
1 Spatula

1. Chop butter into cubes.
2. Place pot onto stove on low-medium heat, add butter.
3. Let butter heat slowly, if the temperature is too high the butter will burn.
4. Once the butter melts, it will foam, then bubble, then foam again. Depending on your temperature this may take between 10 – 40 minutes.
5. Once the butter reaches the second foam and turns a golden brown color, it is done.
6. Let the ghee cool slightly and strain into jar with a strainer and few layers of cheese cloths.
7. Store ghee at room temperature.